Cocktails: Stirred&Shaken


Perhaps a bit off an odd combination with all the sports but: One of our hobbies is drinking cocktails.
Most of our weekends start in our little bar.
But it is nice to start the weekend with 1 or 2 nice drinks And of course: it is always nice to have a drink with guests before dinner. Or just spend the entire evening in the bar


The future

The site is still under consturcution. A part on glasses and material will be added. And ofcourse the history of the cocktail will be extended. But the first extension will be to the page with Martinin recipes.


But: the site is mainly about recipes. I try to collect as many of them a I can. So if you have any, mail them to me.
Note: See anything you like and want to copy? Be my guest, but I would like a link from your page to mine. And I am always willing to return the linking-favour.


On the recipes pages I used "parts" as much as possible. I think parts are the best way. This makes it easy to adjust the scale; it doesn't matter if you use a jigger or a bucket, it is the ratio that counts.



Pineapple Plantation

1 part Amarreto
1 part Southern Comfort
3 parts Ananassap

Blend with ice, pour in glass and top up with lemonande

Favorite 2


2 parts Cointreau
2 parts Campari
1 part Tequila
1 part Lemon juice

Mix on ice and strain into glass.