In 1995 I was working in Delft with a mate of mine. This mate had been climbing for some time and, after some reading, I was interested too. So: I tagged along for a climb. This was in the climbhal in Schiedam, which has been closed now. After my first climb it was clear this was it: climbing rocks!
But then: the job ended and I went back to Utrecht. Due to all kinds of stuff (finishing my study for example) climbing went the way of the Dodo.

5 years later: In 2000 I picked up climbing again with a colleague and started climbing again every week. But this time work interferred: an assignment in London for 6 months. London was nice (very nice) but I stopped climbing. And back in the Netherlands I didn't start again.

5 years later: 2005. Again a job in London. But this time I checked if there was any climbing possible in London. And yes it is: at least 3 climbing halls. So I broughtover the gear from home and starten with a beginners course. Not just to get the techniques under my belt again, but also to meet some climbing mates. Well, it worked out: with 2 mates (Aaron & Terry) I started climbing every week. Sometimes 2 days i a weekend.

Back in NL Merel and I try to climb at least once every week. After many attempts I finally succeeded to get her to give climbing a try. And yes: she likes it. Shame that her fear of hights plays up every once in a while. But the main thing is: we do climb! So it is very possible to go and climb even if you are terrified of heights. I have spoken to several people who started climbing BECAUSE they were afraid of climbing and wanted to get over it by climbing.
This time it is very much my intention to keep on climbing. I don't want to make e restart again in 2010 (so far I have been starting a 5 year intervals)

What is the fun in climbing? it is kind of hard to expalin, but I'll give it a shot: i always liked to climb, as a kid it was trees and stuff. Probably something evolutionairy (or devolutionairy, depents on your point of view).

But it is a great sport too. You literally use your entire body: your arms (duh!) but your legs even more. It is also great for your co-ordination and motory skills. It is also a very tactical and technical sport: strong arms and legs are just a small part of the equation. Just storming the wall doesn't work after a certain point. Then the techniques and tacticts start to become important.

Climb on!